I’m at my college orientation for one night and they put me in a room on the 7th floor check out this sik view


dont be embarrassed about something u enjoy ok 


Hi friends this is a little reminder to charge your phone, take your meds, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and listen to lots of music!! Your well-being and happiness is of utmost importance and I hope you take time to take care of yourself.


hello! so i decided to do a promo bc ur all the cooliest

the rules are: you must be following me, you can like and reblog this but you must reblog to be entered!, and this needs to get at least 30 notes for me to do the promo so that there’s enough people to choose from and stuff

categories (i’ll be choosing 5 for each):

  • best bandom url
  • best nonbandom url
  • best theme
  • best icon
  • best posts

promo ends august 5th!